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5 best roles to play with an escort.

Everybody loves a bit of role play! If you haven’t tried it, you really should. The great thing about role playing is that you can play whichever roles you like that work for you – once you hit on those sexy roles that really push your buttons, you’ll never look back. Birmingham escorts that like role plays really are the best choice you can make!

Hiring an escort can be a great way to enjoy role playing. Many clients feel less inhibited about playing a role with a woman they know less intimately, and after all, it’s easier to pretend that a relative stranger is somebody else.

If you’re looking for Birmingham escorts offering role plays, get in touch with us. Our beautiful Birmingham escorts are happy to role play in a variety of ways and we hear they’re very good at it! Here are some ideas to get you started. The key with role playing is to experiment, have some fun, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

  1.  The teacher and the student: This role playing scenario is great for both participants, and you can even switch it up and play the teacher or the student and see which you prefer. Who wouldn’t love being told off by a sexy teacher with a tendency to wear low-cut shirts? Or perhaps spanking the naughty student who’s failed to hand in her homework yet again? The possibilities of teacher-student role plays are endless, and this game is certainly very popular with our Birmingham escorts offering role plays.
  2. The prisoner: Did you know that kidnap and rape fantasies are actually incredibly common among women? Acting out these fantasies in a safe, controlled, consensual way can be a huge turn on and many of our escorts love this role play. Tie her up, ask her to beg you for release, and tease her all night long. Prisoner role play games are also a great excuse to whip out the handcuffs and the bondage tape, if that’s something that both of you are into. Just make sure you set a ‘safe word’ and discuss boundaries before starting, so that you both know when to stop.
  3. The sex slave: This one is pretty simple and exactly what it sounds like. Whether you’re a dominant type and would like one of our Birmingham escorts offering role plays to submit to you, or whether you rather like the idea of being her sex slave, this role play really works for some people. It allows you to play with the power dynamic in your interaction and experiment with letting go of power, as well as gaining it. As with prisoner role plays, it’s important in this kind of role play to use a safe word and set boundaries before starting – just to make sure you’re both having fun.
  4. The stripper: Birmingham escorts offering role plays are talented women, both in bed and out of it. If you enjoy being naughty, why don’t you role play that she’s a stripper and enjoy a private show before seducing her and taking her to the bedroom? A striptease is the perfect way to start the night and warm up before the main event.
  5. The girlfriend: Some of our clients simply like to role play that our Birmingham escorts are their girlfriends, and this is okay too. It might not sound very kinky, but if you’re getting a little tired of being single and craving the closeness and intimacy of a relationship, then boyfriend-girlfriend role play can be a really satisfying way to meet that need. If you’d like to try this, it’s really important that you choose one of our Birmingham escorts offering role plays really carefully, to make sure she’s the right girl for you. Of course, the beauty of role playing is that you can play whichever roles you like. If you’ve ever indulged a private fantasy that gets you off like nothing else, feel free to bring it up and see if your escort is game. You’d be surprised how much many girls are up for. Many of our Birmingham escorts offering role plays are available now for short evening meet-ups and long night stays. Whether you just want a couple of hours of ‘the girlfriend experience’ to take her out on a date in your favourite restaurant, or you’d like to spend the night together role playing as the strict headteacher keeping his student in for an ‘all-night detention’, pick up the phone and give us a call and we can arrange the perfect role play date for you.

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