Brown eyes

We all have a type, whether you like your ladies tall and elegant, blonde or brunette, outgoing or shy. Eye colour is just another factor to consider when choosing your perfect playmate. Most popular with most are Brown eyed escorts. Many of our clients find that they’ve really got a taste for girls with particular looks

We can cater to all tastes, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you’re looking for something really specific in your sexy lady. Take a look through all the brown eyed girls that we have to offer.

Brown eyes doesn’t always mean brown hair

Sure, this eye colour is common in girls with darker hair and darker skin, but we’ve got a range of women here with all sorts of hair colours and skin types. Birmingham is a city full of different cultures, and that’s reflected here in the girls that we work with. If you’d like to meet an escort with brown eyes, smooth caramel skin and raven black hair, we’ve got her. We’ve also got women on the roster with deep brown eyes, bright blonde hair and fresh, fair skin. Whatever your tastes, we can cater to them.

Don’t be afraid to be explicit when looking for your ideal lady of the night. We’re not strangers to clients asking for females of specific races, body types and nationalities. We understand that tastes are tastes, and if anything, they always seem quite flattered to be chosen on the basis of their credentials.

Choose a beauty who grabs your attention

Choosing the perfect Birmingham escort for you is about more than just looks; obviously, that’s mostly what you’ve got to go on, but browsing the girls’ photos in our gallery and asking about individual girls is a great way to get a little insight into each of their personalities, too. We’ve got those who love to party and who love to stay in and snuggle, and women who love to do just about anything!

If you’re a quiet guy, you may prefer the idea of a girl who’s not too extroverted, either; conversely, perhaps you like spending time around girls who fill in the gaps and give you someone to listen to? Think about what you like in a woman before booking an escort, and choose somebody that you think you can connect with personally, as well as sexually. They say that the greatest sexual encounters all happen between people who click on a personal level, and certainly we think that’s an important part of choosing a woman to spend time with, whether you intend to take her out to dinner or straight home to bed.

Ladies who love to get intimate

It’s not a given that, when you hire an escort, she’s going to be down for whatever you’ve got planned, but our gorgeous brown-eyed women are usually game for a lot. If you’ve got big plans for your time with an escort, be sure to book her in for an overnight stay so that the two of you can unwind, get to know each other, and have a little fun without watching the clock.

Overnight stays are a great way to guarantee yourselves the time and space to enjoy a relaxed, adult evening without having to rush the foreplay. You don’t have to have a sexual encounter in mind to hire an escort for the full night; simply talking, enjoying a few drinks and relaxing in one another’s company is always best enjoyed without a strict curfew. Many of our clients like to hire an escort for just a few hours for a first ‘date’ before deciding whether to commit to the full night stay; this way, you can make sure that you and your brown eyed Birmingham girl really connect first.

Meet up with beautiful brown eyed women today

If this leaves you feeling keen to meet with one of our delightful dark eyed eyed ladies, give us a call today. Many of our girls on this section of the website are available now to meet new clients and forge new friendships, and arranging to meet them is as simple as picking up the phone. Our women are happy to come to you, and they all work on a discreet, professional basis – so all your meetings will be kept 100% private. If nothing gets you going like a pair of big, brown eyes, get in touch and find your new little sexy secret with us.

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