Commanding companions

Whether you’d like to meet a school teacher or nurse who’s willing to give you some real rough treatment. Or you’re searching for a spanking from the headmistress. Our dominant Birmingham escorts can play their role to your wildest dreams.

We’re experts in linking up our clients to the dominant women of their dark and secret fantasies. We’re ready to help you find you the gorgeous and sexy dominant Birmingham escort. One which will meet all requirements.

Let yourself be dominated by our ladies

For many men, being dominated is something they’ve always fantasised about.

Maybe you’d like to be treated a little more roughly than usual. By a gorgeous woman who’s holding all the cards. If you love the thought of a costume-clad woman spanking your bare bum with a paddle. Until you’re squealing in pain. It’s time to book one of our sexy ladies right now. In order to let your fantasy come to life.

Or perhaps you’re into leather, and like your dominatrixes all in black. If you’re horny for fishnet tights, leather corsets and tall stilettos. Certainly you’re in the right place. Our experienced dominant Birmingham escorts are experts in dressing up to turn you on. They know all the tricks in the book. When it comes to inflicting the pain, suffering and real sexy pleasure you crave.

Or maybe the idea of being stripped naked by a sexy woman really turns you on. For clothed male, naked female fantasies. We’ve got a dominant Birmingham escort ready to tear your clothes off and humiliate you until you’re red in the face.

Whatever sort of dominatrix you need, we’ve got a lady who’s ready to make your dreams come to life in a safe and sexy setting. Don’t be afraid to let your scandalous side show: it could well end up being the most liberating decision of your life!

Meeting our escorts

Whether you like skimpy nurse outfits with bulging tits and luscious, waist-length hair or you prefer the sight of a dominatrix in full leather. Any one of our dominant Birmingham escorts can certainly help you get driven wild with vicious lust.

Our dominatrixes are happy to fit in around your desires, meaning all you have to say is what you want them to do to you. Our escorts have a range of hair colours, breast sizes and physiques. They can dress up in all sorts of costumes if you’d like. We’re proud to work with escorts from all across the world, which means that if you’d like an exotic touch then we can help.

If this is your first time taking on the role of the submissive partner. We’re aware that it may be a slightly nerve-wracking experience. To prevent this from spoiling your session. It’s vital to communicate with your escort before things get started.

Your escort will be more than happy to chat first. Before getting into character if that’s what you’d prefer. Then together you can decide on any limits you’d like to put into place or any safe words you’d like to use. It’s important to build a trusting relationship in order to ensure you have a good time and that your fantasies are well and truly met.

Our dominatrixes work all across the greater Birmingham area, so there’s no need to worry about distance. Some of our girls are happy to perform outcalls. Meaning they can come to you and spice up a familiar location – such as your home or hotel room – with a touch of BDSM magic. Meanwhile, other girls are ready for incalls – meaning they’ll get a space ready for you.

If you want your escort to dominate you in a particular way. Make sure you communicate this prior to the meeting taking place. Certain toys or implements, for example, may need to be arranged and prepared for use in advance, so it’s best to be upfront about what you need.

Lastly, we know just how important discretion is when exploring your desires – especially when it comes to kinks such as BDSM. We highly value confidentiality, and both us and the girl you meet will always ensure your data and information is protected. Giving you a space to explore your desires in total safety and comfort.

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