Being the boyfriend of an escort

Just like you and me. Our stunning escorts enjoy being in a relationship. They like to go home at the end of their working day and have somebody there. They can snuggle down and watch TV. Or just generally chat about how their days have gone. Just because an escort’s job is to have sex various times a day does not mean to say that she does not enjoy having sex in her free time. It is like saying that a gynecologist does not like looking at his wife’s vagina because he looks at them all day long! But, what is it really like for their boyfriends? Do they mind that their partner is intimate with so many other men? We asked one of our most popular Birmingham escorts if we could talk to her boyfriend about what life is really like for him.

I had no idea at first

When I met my girlfriend I had no idea what her true profession was. We met in a bar and instantly hit it off. When we were chatting getting to know each other, she told me she worked long hours in the city as a project manager. She also said that she travelled a lot to meet with the international clients as well as working nights due to time zone differences. I had no reason to not believe her, her story sounded credulous. After we had gone out on a few dates and realised that we wanted to spend more time together. She made a confession. She told me she really worked as an escort. I was taken aback initially, I felt hurt that she had lied to me. But later that night, I realised that she hadn’t wanted to hurt me, she just quite simply didn’t want to be judged before I got to know the person behind the profession. When asked if I get jealous, the simple answer is yes! I don’t mind that she works as an escort for a living, but there are times that I worry that her clients might be better in bed than I am. Men worry about whether or not they are pleasing their woman in bed. And I am no different. At times, especially when she tells me that she had lots of orgasms during the day, I feel a bit of extra pressure to perform. But then I give myself a talking to. At the end of the day, my woman comes home to me, to our bed and sleeps in my arms. I know she does not offer this to any other man, so I feel kind of special.

It made our sex life better

To make things easier and also to make our sex life even spicier than it already is. We like to share her experiences. Of course, she never gives away any intimate details. She will tell me about how much she enjoyed a particular position, or turn her encounters into stories for me. I imagine watching her having the things done to her and it drives me crazy with desire. I especially enjoy listening to her female bookings. Specifically when she tells me about giving the other woman oral sex and making her climax with only her tongue and fingers. I think I am lucky in that regard, a lot of men fantasise about these situations. I get to live them first-hand. My girlfriend makes me so horny, even more so when she asks me to re-enact something one of her clients did to her. There have been a few times when my jealousy has got the better of me and we have ended up arguing. But the make-up sex is seriously worth it. She is such a talented woman that I actually feel sorry for some of her clients. I get to be with this gorgeous woman any time I like, I eat meals with her, we go to the cinema together and I also get mind-blowing sex whenever the mood takes us. I would like her to leave the industry one day, especially if things get even more serious between us than they are. If we have a family together I’d like her to enjoy us as a family and not have to work so many hours. But for now, life together is brilliant. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have no regret having an escort as a girlfriend.