A case of mistaken identity

I work as one of the role play escorts in this very popular Birmingham escorts agency. Normally, my appointments are for inside a property, be it my apartment for an incall or my client´s apartment or hotel for an outcall. It is very rare that I am booked to do an outcall appointment in a totally different place. I had a booking with a new client one day, who wanted to spend time with me in a role play situation, but he wanted it to be somewhere where I had never done it before. I have to say that it was a strange request, but who am I to judge? Basically, he wanted me to meet him at the local library. Dressed as a librarian. The dressing up part was not really a challenge for me. It had a secretary´s outfit that was perfect for the role. The difficult part for me was going to be the logistics of the appointment. He wanted it to be as authentic as possible. He had requested that we meet in the library itself! So, this was one I had to do a bit of research for. I had to be very careful about us getting caught as it could have led to legal problems. I asked him if he had a preference on the day or time, or could he be flexible to allow me time to plan it all. He was so excited that I had agreed to his unusual request that he agreed to wait until I had planned our `play time´. Two days later, it was my day off. So I popped into the library to see what the score was. Thankfully, it was a large library consisting of three floors. The librarian was downstairs on the ground floor. I took a book from the shelf and settled down in a corner where I had full view of the happenings inside the library. From my time there I learned the best time of day to go. I also found a part of the library that would be perfect for us to play.

The day is here.

The day of the date arrived. He had requested that he remained anonymous to me until he actually walked up to my ´desk` to make his requests. I set myself up in the corner, I had picked up a few books from the shelves to make everything look as authentic as possible. After all I am a professional Birmingham escort girl for sure. I had even taken my laptop to help set the scene. After about 15 minutes busying myself as my alter ego, a middle-aged man walked up to me and started making enquiries about the different genres of books he should choose. I played along as it was apparent that he was my client, or so I thought. I acted seductively, doing things like accidently drop my pen and bend over to pick it up so that he could see the tops of my stockings. I played the role perfectly. He played it perfectly too. Or so it seemed…he walked off to investigate the books I had suggested and came back and flirted with me. I opened the top button of my blouse, to show my pert bosom to him. The poor man flustered a bit and was not sure where to place his eyes. I figured that this was another one of my clients who have a secret fantasy, yet when it came to actually enacting them out. They freeze, unsure what to do. So, I took the lead and started to rub his groin with my stockinged foot. I could feel his obvious erection almost immediately. He started to go red on his neck which rose up to his face. Suddenly, this bouncy 5 year old girl comes running up shouting ‘daddy, daddy, I`ve found the book I wanted, can we get an ice-cream now?’. To say that I was shocked is an understatement. I have never seen a man jump to his feet as quick as he did. He bumbled a quick goodbye and staggered away with this little girl who was obviously his daughter. I turned on my mobile phone to find I had lots of missed calls and voice messages from the agency. As I was in the library, I had turned off my phone. It turns out that my client had phoned the agency from the hospital, he had been involved in an accident on the way to the library and had to cancel the appointment. I have absolutely no idea who the man was in the library. But I think he honestly thought I was a real librarian. He must have had the surprise of his life once I had started playing with him.