Entertaining a couple ended differently to how I expected

I am a bisexual escort, I have a wonderful girlfriend who I adore with all my heart. However, I am a very horny person and neither one of us believe in monogamy. She knows that I get my sexual kicks from being an escort. In fact, most days she also gets turned on by knowing that I am getting sexually pleasured by a complete stranger. Last February I had been booked for a job by a couple wanting to add a bit of spice to their love life. It was a special Valentine’s gift from the wife to her husband. I do a lot of these jobs, however, when I am told that it is for a special occasion I like to do that little bit extra for them to make it extra special. As it was a job that had been booked in advance, I had time to go through my wardrobe and decide what lingerie to wear. After a while rummaging through my drawers I decided that it was time to update my selection of unmentionables. I got dressed and put on my comfy jogging bottoms (I only wear my sexy and tight fitting clothes when I am on the job). I jumped into my car and went to the shopping mall. I found a very pretty, yet sexy pink baby doll.It was a matching set with a bra and a pair of panties. Perfect. I decided to buy it as I also had a photoshoot booked that week and I could wear it in the studio.

Valentines day excitement

I went to work the next day, did all of my jobs, met some interesting new clients and also connected with a couple of my regulars. The following day was Valentine’s day, so some of the regulars had given me some gifts. They were really nice presents. Anyway, Valentine’s day arrived. I did not have many jobs on during the day. The majority were later on. So I spent half the morning chilling and watching daytime T.V. (I think Jezzer’s show is the funniest thing on the box.). I had arranged to meet my girlfriend during her lunch break. So that we could spend a bit of time together on Valentine’s day as I would have already started working by the time she came home. Once lunch was finished my mind then started to wander to work. I double checked my schedule to make sure no last minute bookings had come in and to see if any of the clients had cancelled an existing booking. With my head now in work mode, I went home to start preparing for the evening/night ahead. I only had one incall booked, the rest were outcalls, so I had to pack a bag with everything I would need to take with me to all the different jobs. I removed the labels from my new lingerie and put it in my holdall, along with the other sets of underwear that would be for the whole night. I know that there are a lot of girls in the industry who wear the same underwear for the entire shift. Personally, I cannot do that. It goes against every bone in my body to be so unhygienic. So, I normally pack a change of underwear per client that I will be with. As I had an early dinner date booked before I had to be at the couple’s house, I also packed a little black dress. 5pm came and I double checked I had packed everything. Thank God I had decided to do so. I had totally forgotten to pack the condoms. Massive mistake in our industry! Always have enough condoms for every job, plus spares just incase. By 5.15 I was on the road ready to go to the incall address that the agency had told me would be where I was working from for the first appointment. My driver had picked me up. I always use the driver that is provided for me, just incase. The first job was amazing. It was a very easy one. A regular client who books me for the GFE at least twice a month had decided, that as it was Valentine’s day he would spoil me. To be honest, it was one of the easiest jobs I have done in a long time. Next, it was the dinner date. Just enough time to get showered and changed before my driver arrived. I spent a lovely evening with a middle aged businessman who was in Birmingham for two days. We ate the most scrumptious meal of lobster. This was one of the unusual bookings that I have from time to time. He was married and did not want to be unfaithful, so he booked me to accompany him to the restaurant and to keep him company for a few hours. He was a charming gentleman. He said he comes to Birmingham regularly and would love to book me again the next time he was up.

Getting more that I was expecting

Soon it was time to leave and on to my final job outcall job of the night. In the back of the car I changed my underwear and put on the new pink baby doll set. I then put my black dress back on over it. I rang the doorbell and the husband opened the door for me. He was already naked and by the looks of his face and the sweet smell of sex that was on him, I assumed that him and his wife had already got started before I arrived. I think at this point in the story I should mention that my eyesight is not the best. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was child and recently had moved into wearing contact lenses for the majority of my appointments. (it made things less clumsy than compared to when I have my specs on). The man introduced himself and led me upstairs to where his wife was waiting. She seemed eager to carry on where they had left off now that I had arrived. I slowly undressed and stood there in my underwear. I went over to the wife and started to play with her whilst the husband stood watching getting harder and harder with each kiss. This was the couple’s first time in a threesome and they were slightly clumsy in their moves. Not sure how to incorporate a third person. I was being paid to give them an amazing experience, so I took charge and without them realising guided them. I think watching me skillfully bring his wife off to an orgasm that many men men know to do, was too much excitement for him. All I did was gently brush past his arm with my cheek as I went down to give him a blowjob and he exploded. His orgasm was so strong that he accidently ejaculated on my face. Normally that does not bother me. This time, however, some of his cum landed straight in my eye. I instinctively went to rub it away and forgot that I had my lenses in. I rubbed a bit too hard and ended up scratching my lense right across my cornea. The wife was oblivious to what had happened and lay there is a euphoric state. The husband was mortified that he had cum so soon and could no longer participate in the fun. Meanwhile there I was with my eye red and swollen unable to open it. I had to cancel the rest of my appointments and ended up spending the rest of Valentine’s in A&E waiting to have my eye looked at. The embarrassment grew even more when I told the doctor what had gone in my eye to make me have rubbed it so hard. I spent the next weeks wearing my glasses looking like I had done a round with Mike Tyson!

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