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Steve and Mick stepped off the train at Birmingham New Street. They were on leave before being sent overseas. This 24 hour pass would be their last few hours on British soil for the next 18 months. They decided to go back to Birmingham to spend some time with their friends and family before being shipped out. The only problem was that it was midweek. Their friends and family were all working. Nobody really wanted to go out during the night as they all had to go to work the following morning. Whilst on the train, Mick had a fantastic idea-they could book a couple of girls for the night! You see, one of his army buddies had been in the NAAFI bar the night before telling stories about how he had spent a wild couple of hours with an escort whilst he had been on leave. Just before the train pulled into the station, he told Steve about his idea. Being a strong, testosterone charged 23 year old, Steve told Mick that he was up for it. He could already imagine it. Scenes of hot steamy sex with a hot babe started to run through his mind. Using his smartphone, Mick looked up escort agencies in Birmingham. He clicked on one. They had decided that they would book 2 girls, 1 for each of them. As they had booked themselves into the ibis Birmingham New Street hotel whilst on leave. They decided to book outcall escorts.

Their escorts arrive

Steve and Mick were sat in the hotel bar drinking when Claudia, a stunning redhead escort, and Lisa, a busty escort, walk up to them. For all his masculinity, Steve went weak at the knees when he laid his eyes Claudia. Her rich, flaming red hair was a head turner. He could not believe his luck that he had booked such a stunningly looking woman. He noticed that when she smiled she had cute dimples that made him swell with excitement. Lisa was not quite in the same league as Claudia. She had long, dyed blonde hair. Her ample 40F cup distracted him from looking as her face. He knew that Mick would be made up though. Mick has a weakness for big boobs. He decided to get the party started by ordering a bottle of Don Perignon. The drinks flowed as easily as the conversation did. Although, Steve started to feel anxious. They only had that night on leave and they weren’t allowed to drink in excess. He leant over and whispered in Claudia’s ear, suggesting that they retired to the room. She looked up from her glass. She smiled at him, stood up and took his hand. They left Mick and Lisa in the bar as they made their way to the elevators. He slipped his arm around her waist. She turned her head to look at him, as she did her sweet aroma made him feel heady with lust. He knew there and then that this redhead escort was going to give him exactly what he needed. They had only been in the room for about 20 minutes when Steve received a call from Mick. He said that they had been enjoying a few drinks in the bar when his escort suddenly starting feeling ill. So, he phoned her a taxi and she went home. Claudia overheard the conversation and could hear how upset he was. She turned to Steve and said that if he didn’t mind, then Mick could join them. She had never done a threesome before, but she felt sorry for him. 10 minutes later and Steve and Mick were in the throes of passion with Claudia. What Claudia didn’t realise was that this wasn’t Steve and Mick’s first threesome. They’d had a couple of them whilst on an overseas tour. They knew exactly how to work it so that all three involved were excited. Claudia certainly lived up to the reputation that redheads have. You would have never known that this was her first threesome. She took on the two men as if she had been doing it all her life. Both Steve and Mick were given so much more than they thought possible. The experience with Claudia was incomparable. This girl was most definitely a professional in her field. Steve could not help thinking back to when they last had a threesome. That one seemed like an amateur experience in comparison to the one he was currently in. Once Claudia had left, Mick lit a cigarette and turned to Steve. He admitted that he was glad that Lisa couldn’t carry on with the appointment, there was nothing more exhilarating than an escort in Birmingham for two men.