Funny escort story

As regular readers of our Blogs know, from time to time, we like to entertain our clients with a story that will bring a smile to their faces. This month, our funny blog stories are back. This time, we asked our girls to tell us their funniest stories of experiences with clients that could happen to anybody. We chose the best story for your entertainment. Many people know that certain body piercings can enhance the pleasure experienced. However, accidents can happen, like it did with one of our pierced and tattooed Birmingham escorts.
It is ironic how this is the topic of this month´s blog. If I was asked to recount a funny sexual experience. I would not have been able to. All of my appointments tend to go off without a hitch. Up until a few weeks ago, that is.
I have a lot of clients who book me for my body ink, some of them also like the fact that I have a few piercings. I do not have many, just my ears, tongue and navel. The tongue piercing especially is a turn on for some of my clients. Both men and women enjoy the feeling of the metal against their skin. It provides them with a contrast of sensations that they would not normally experience. The contrast heightens the sensuality and can increase the depth of the climax.
Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was booked by one of my regular clients for the full GFE experience. We always meet on the same day of the month as it coincides with him finishing early from work. We usually have a bit of fun before he gets the train home (he commutes into Birmingham).
For the appointment where everything kind of went wrong, he had told me that he had a surprise and he hoped I would like it. Boy was I surprised when he undressed. He had gone and got himself a piercing. Not a normal piercing in his ear, or even in his nipple. He had decided to get his penis pierced! He had opted for an apadravya piercing. For those who do not know the names of piercings. This is the type that has a bar inserted from front to back and has a ball on either end to keep it in place. An apadravya piercing can be done anywhere in the body.
Usually, it is done on the ear, nipple, eyebrow, lip etc. I have to admit, it looked great! It felt even better when we were having sex. The intensity was amazing. I suppose you are thinking “ok, so where is the funny part?”
well, after intercourse, I decided to give him a blowjob as I knew he loved to come in my mouth. That is where things got interesting. Giving blowjobs drives me crazy. I get lost in the moment. Consequently, I do not really pay attention to what is going on around me. To be honest, what happened next is my fault, I had totally forgotten about his piercing. So, there I am giving it my all, he is lying there groaning with pleasure. When suddenly my mouth jars and he lets out a scream. Yes, you have guessed it…our piercings had interlocked! Not the ideal situation to find ourselves in. the pain had caused him to start to soften. Which only made the situation a bit more complicated. As it gave me very little room between my face and his body for me to use my fingers to unlock the piercings. Needless to say, we sorted it all out. It took 15 minutes for us to gently pry ourselves apart. At the end of it all, my tongue had swollen and the piercing started to sink into the muscle. Thankfully, we were comfortable enough with each other to be able to sit back and laugh about it once I could free my face from his groin. He has booked his next appointment with me for in a couple of days. This time, I will make certain that we will not have any more tangling of metal when I suck him off!