My dating experiences

Dating in Birmingham has never been my strong point. As a young lad my mates would laugh at me because they had girlfriends and I did not. You see, I am a shy person. I struggle when I am around a pretty girl. In my brain, the words make perfect sense. Yet once they have reached my mouth. They seem to have got all jumbled up. I open my mouth and a bunch of gobbledygook seems to have replaced the words. I go red in the face and I just wish that the ground would open up underneath me and swallow me whole. This problem has followed throughout my entire life.   The strange thing is that I consider myself to be a very successful person. I hold a high position in a very busy marketing company. I talk to clients from all over the world on an almost daily basis. Yet, whenever I am with women in a social situation…I just dry up.   It got to the point where I felt like it was stunting my social life. My friends would turn up with their current girlfriend. And I would just be sat there feeling like the odd one out. So, one day, I decided that enough was enough and that I would find a therapist to help me with my problem. I used to go to a session every week. I was taught an array of techniques that were supposed to help. Every Friday night I would try them out whenever I saw a woman who I was attracted to. However, I just never felt completely comfortable enough for it to work. Then, one day, I was watching the TV and there was a documentary on about sex therapy. Intrigued, I watched to the end. I was amazed at how many men had problems in relating with the other sex. It seemed that sex therapy helped these people with their varied issues. By this point in my life I was getting frustrated. I thought I was never going to date in Birmingham.

I discovered a new method of dating

So, I decided I would try a new method. I called a local escort agency and booked one of the escorts who advertised dinner dates. I have to admit, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  The escort was charming the entire time we were together. She seemed to understand that I was shy and she didn’t place any expectations on me. For the first time in my life I was able to hold a conversation with a woman in a social situation. We made a regular arrangement, where we would meet in different places each week and just chat. Don´t get me wrong, I wanted physical contact with her so much from the very first minute I saw her. But that was not what I needed. I needed to build my confidence with women. So we spent a lot of time going out. We would go to the movies. Out or a drink at lunch time or at night. Or just go for a stroll in the park. At times I would visit her in her apartment and snuggle up and chat or watch a film together.   The amount of time we spent together helped me to gain a confidence that I didn’t have before. I admit that I am still shy around women. I think that I will always be like that. It is just part of my natural character. But, I am now able to approach women and ask them for a date. I have not yet found the woman who has interested me enough to want to invest more time than just a few dates. But I am working on it. I still visit my escort from time to time, but it is nowhere near as regular as it used to be. I have to admit, that my needs have now evolved. Our appointments together are no longer spent dating in Birmingham. They are more intimate. I think I might spend more time visiting her to alleviate my ‘needs’.