Dating after a longterm relationship ends

John struggled to meet new women. He had been in one long term relationship. However, that had ended more than 12 years ago. He was a long-distance lorry driver. Which meant he was away from home more time than he liked. He thought he was the wrong side of 40 to be finding himself an attractive woman. To settle down with and have a family. He had long ago given in to the realisation that he would end up like his mate Bob. In his 60’s, alone and unloved. One night whilst driving through the outskirts of Birmingham. He noticed a blue Citroen Saxo parked at the side of the road with its four-way flashers on. Normally, he would have driven on. However, this night he was ahead of schedule. So, he pulled over to see if he could help. As he jumped down from his wagon, he noticed there was only one person in the car and the driver’s door was open. It was a cold, winter’s night and the frost had already started to settle. He zipped up his coat and walked over.

He approached the stricken vehicle with the aim of offering assistance. Sat inside the car was one of the most attractive women he had ever laid eyes on. ‘Hi, can I help?’ The woman looked at his soft, fleshy face and thought…’wow, my knight in shining armour!’ She told him that she had hit black ice on the road. The car had skidded out of control and she had ended up smashing the radiator.

The accident had made Catherine late. She worked as a high-class escort and was on her way to an outcall appointment. She was meeting a client who was very scrupulous about time-keeping. She knew that if she didn’t make the appointment on time. She would potentially lose a very lucrative client. Normally, Catherine was very cautious. But, tonight she was desperate. So, she asked John if he could give her a lift and take her to an address about 15 miles away. It was slightly out of the way for John, yet he figured he would help this damsel in distress.

Catherine and John hit it off straight away. They spent most of the journey chatting and laughing. There were no awkward silences in the entirety of the journey. She had decided to sit in the middle seat. He could smell her perfume as it impregnated his senses. Her leg was against his, with each bump in the road, it rubbed against him. He could feel his cock start to stir. He was getting harder just by listening to her dulcet tones. He was bewitched by her beauty. His body shook from excitement. It had been a long time since a woman had made him feel so horny. He hoped that she couldn’t notice. Catherine had never felt so comfortable in the presence of another person as much as she did that night. Even though she should have been focusing on her ‘date’. Catherine couldn’t help thinking how different it would be to be on a real date with John instead of going to pretend to be another person’s girlfriend. It was at that moment that she made a decision that would change her life forever. She pulled out her phone and called the agency. She explained what had happened with her car and that she had to cancel the appointment


The best sex he ever had!

Catherine could see how hard John’s cock was underneath his jeans. What he didn’t know was that the simple touch of his body had made her pussy drip like a leaky tap. She asked him to pull over in the approaching lay-by. She undid her seatbelt and moved into the back of the cabin. Slowly, she unbuttoned her blouse, allowing it to slide down her arms onto the floor. She gently wiggled her hips as her skirt fell around her ankles. Unhurriedly, she sat down on the edge of the bed, lent back and separated her legs. John had been watching from his seat, unsure what to do. He had never been in this situation before. His pulsating cock told him to get back there yet his mind seemed to be holding him back. As soon as she opened her legs, he could smell her sweet sex. There was no way now that he could resist a pussy so sweet. He climbed into the back and placed his hands on her silky thighs. Her lowered his head towards her sweetness. Using his tongue, he parted her lips. Ohhh, she tasted so good. Gently, yet forcefully, he flicked his tongue on and around her hood. Her body shook as pulses of pleasure swept over her. He knew that he should spend more time playing with her. But it had been too long since he had last been with a woman that he couldn’t hold back anymore. He fumbled and pulled his trousers down. His erection stood proudly and firm. Precum was already glistening in the shaded light. He cupped her ass and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed. He positioned himself between her thighs, Slowly, he rubbed his cock over her wet pussy, lubricating himself. She eased herself forward. He couldn’t help himself. He thrust his now throbbing cock deep inside her. She responded with equal vigour. Skilfully, she gyrated her hips, building her rhythm. Drawing John in with her. They started fucking like base animals. Their natural instincts taking over. Catherine’s pussy tightened around John’s cock. As the electricity shot through her sweating body. Causing her to shudder and gasp out in pleasure. The orgasm took grip of Catherine like no other had. She struggled to catch her breath as she felt the ever so familiar swelling of a cock about to cum. John, lost in a frenzy of lust, drove into her like a man possessed. Hot, salty cum erupted from his loins. Filling Catherine with a sense of well-being and contentment. It had been a long time since she had felt such carnal satisfaction. Exhausted, they both lay on the bed, panting, desperately trying to get their breath back.